DuPont Fabros Commences Development on Phase III of ACC7 Data Center in Ashburn, VA

DuPont Fabros Technology (DFT) reported Tuesday that it has commenced development on Phase III of its ACC7 data center, which is expected to consist of 11.9 megawatts of critical load and 68,000 computer room square feet.

The company anticipates spending an additional $75 million on this phase and placing it into service in early second quarter 2016.

Located in Ashburn, VA, ACC7 is one of the largest multi-tenant data centers in North America. It contains 446,000 gross square feet and can deliver 41.6 megawatts of critical power when fully developed.

Phase II of ACC7 broke ground last September.

ACC7 is the sixth data center on DFT’s 1.6 million square-foot Ashburn campus. The company said it was the largest data center in its portfolio at the end of the third quarter last year.

Last month, DuPont Fabros announced it had expanded its relationship with social media giant Facebook, Inc. at ACC7.

On May 13, 2015 DFT and Facebook entered into a new lease for 7.43 megawatts (“MW”) of available critical load and 43,000 square feet of computer room space in DFT’s ACC7 data center. The new lease included space for 4.46 MW in ACC7 Phase I, which commenced immediately; and 2.97 MW in ACC7 Phase II, which commences at the building’s projected opening date in the fourth quarter of 2015.

The lease increased ACC7 Phase I’s percentage leased to 84% on a critical load basis and raises the occupancy of DFT’s operating portfolio to 96% from 94%. ACC7 Phase II is now 33% pre-leased. The weighted average lease term for both spaces is 7.4 years.

Facebook also leases nearly 36 MW of critical load at three other facilities located on DFT’s Ashburn data center campus. As part of the ACC7 lease, DFT and Facebook amended each of Facebook’s existing leases. The amendments gave Facebook the right to individually decrease the term of the lease of each of nine computer rooms, each with 2.28 MW of available critical load provided the aggregate reduction in lease terms does not exceed 67 months, or an average of approximately seven months per computer room. The amendments also extend the lease of one computer room totaling 2.28 MW of available critical load by six months and two computer rooms totaling 4.33 MW of available critical load by twelve months each.